Agricultural Park

Posted in Outings, Photography by Alvin on August 31, 2009

It was quite nostalgic when the car passes through the roundabout just before the main entrance of the park. The Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis inspired 98’ Commonwealth Games logo remain rooted at the side of the road, the same year I last visited the park as part of the primary 6 graduation trip.


We hid in the car as the sky started pouring at around 8, hoping that it’s a prank. And thankfully it was.


We made a few stops to snap photographs. And rest of the time, battling Newton’s Law. Cycling uphill was horrendous, but sliding down slopes was certainly rewarding. High on speed!



Ah, and the noisy parrot at the animal park. Hello, apa khabar, and lots of other bird languages. Entertaining though.


It was summer at the seasons themed nursery. The air-conditioning system was blowing at 15 Celsius, and yes, summer.



Took a group picture at the last stop, a dam.


Went through the ordeal of uphill cycling, which some opted to push instead of paddling their way up. Nonetheless, the down-hill ride was thrilling as usual.

And, finally, a day amongst trees, greens and a bit of exercise.

Surprisingly, no sore legs! 🙂



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It has been a while since I last struggled to wake up in the wee hours of the morning.

Donned in lab coat and surgical mask, we made our way into the hospital on Tuesday, the first day of hospital clerkship. 5 rotations in total and I had a taste of drug information centre for the first week. A short lecture, mock phone call enquiries, drug bulletin and QnA discussion session summed up the rotation at the information centre. Administrative and secretarial work is scarcely my dish and so, the first rotation to me, was actually dreary and monotonous. 

Therapeutic drug monitoring and total parenteral nutrition clerkships are perchance, the physically and mentally challenging ones. Those who went through it the first week would swear at the amount of workload they had to endure.

That sparked a class discussion, or a parley I would say. The gist, majority opted for diminution. Truthfully, it was the session progression  that dismayed me, not the result.

Anyway, a good time to rest, read and revise, thanks to the long weekend.


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So it’s a switch, permanently I hope.

Goodbye Blogspot, Hello WordPress. =)