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I am going to make an unrealistic plead. My dear watch, stop ticking will ya?

I’ve yet to properly revise geriatric pharmacy and read the new book I bought.

I hate early morning meeting because that’s going to cost me 2 hours of sleep.

Oh, and the bad headache and rhinitis I’m having right now.



Coffee Break

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The short Raya break that was. I enjoyed those intellectual discussions over coffee and teh tarik about business plans and future insights. Lame jokes and politics too.


No constipated traffic on the way back to the city.

Like how time flies.


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So, a week’s break after tomorrow and I’ll be heading back home.

The past 2 days was  linguistically challenging. It has been a while since I last converse in Bahasa Melayu and what’s more to translate and layman-ised medical jargons into BM. Consequently, the discussion and mock counseling session was funny because everyone was having a hard time to even construct a proper sentence.  Done with 4 rotations, with another 1 to go before a wrap.

Exercised too. Felt good after sweating out in the court for 3 hours. Deflated and rusty. Sigh..

Coffee, leisure reading and catching up with old highschool mates this coming holiday, apart from the mundane to-do-list.

Happy holiday 🙂


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So true. LOL


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‘Pt A, 50yo, 65kg on Vancomycin 750mg TDS

Trough: < 16umol/L, Peak: 25 umol/L. Recommendation?’ answer in 5 minutes

Starts to scribble formula

*tap tap tap* brutally pressing the calculator buttons

Units, intermediate answers and uncountable dashes and strikes on dubious answers.

‘Times up’ .

That is one of the many mock TDM drills over the past 3 days, case study presentation and clinical pharmacokinetic assessment a day after TDM clerkship rotation.

So, a week full of kinetics, numbers, formulas and mathematics.

Time to hibernate.


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Having to rotate in different departments, grasping the idea on each portion of the whole administrative chain, makes hospital pharmacy management slightly better than what I’ve expected.

Post clerkship discussions basically revolves around a recollection on management as whole; financial planning, budget, human resource, ward supply, purchase and storage. So, 3 days of what, when, who, where, why and how both in the hospital with the preceptors and pbl room with the lecturer.

Out of all the questions posted, the most mind intriguing which really got me pondering was,


Why Pharmacy?


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Who twirls and dance as he floods a plate of chopped prawn fritters, bean curds and potatoes with sweet, spicy nutty sauce.

At least, a happy man, who loves his chopping board, brightly lit pasembur stall, brown murky nutty sauce and his job.