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I wish.


The best thing these days is definitely the rain, pouring at unpredictable time. And when it does, I wish alarm clocks are for display only.

When I thought things are supposed to be better these few days, the mamak guy just stole an egg from my nasi lemak making it egg-less and nasi lemak without egg is faux!

Mum just called. Asking me when am I heading back home. Pretty rare to get a phone call with that intention. Anyway, the reason was to babysit my younger brother (who’s 13 by the way) while they go on a trip.

‘So am I’ I told her. So, that makes a good opportunity to inform her that I’ll be wandering in the Land of Smiles and its proximal nation next month.

On a hiatus I guess, from today onwards.

All the best peeps!



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My beautiful picture

Photo: Shot with Agfa photo sensor 505-D

Dear diary,

It has been a week of utterly mundane routine which goes in the order of mug-eat-mug-slack-sleep. A little disrupted at times, its more or less that way. Another week to mug, followed by 6 freaking papers in a span of 15 days. Flying off a day after the last paper, a trip which I have no idea how, when and what.

You know, I am pretty convinced that I have a smaller brain than the average. Oh well, whatever intellectual or beneficial for me in the exam hall is not seeping in. I am just going to do whatever I can for the upcoming weeks. Positive eh?

Oh, I dreamt of me failing papers, random subjects with world crashing down after scene repetitively over the past few days. I’ve lost count because it happened so often, I am desensitized.

Thursday was probably the laziest day of all. Thanks to TNB, sarcastically, for the hoax of electricity cut and gratefully because it’s like a day off, with good coffee and more importantly, as a wake-up call that my pea sized brain is empty.

Done regurgitating rants and thoughts. Time to sleep and horror movie during REM. =P

手紙 ~拝啓 十五の君へ~ 卒業

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Pizza, pasta and friendly conversations. Thanksgiving lunch by Ms. Lyna for helping out with clerkship’s administrative work.

Oh and I do look like a mannequin.

Stress ma, finals le.


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Just to pen down some random thoughts over the week

1. Sat for the last written assessment last Friday and had a great weekend not doing anything.

2. Presented the last case today and had a hard time generating good answers for the Viva Q&A session.

3. Enjoyed the sound of silence in the library, after the crowd dispersed at 6pm.

4. Motivation and cognition works like an old car engine. It’s hard to start-up again once you stop. 

5. Concentration draining drills are gratifying, at the end of the day.

6. Respect earned not by boasting one’s status but commitments, personality and mastery.

7. Thank you and you know who you are.


8. Mug lor (pun intended)


Life Story

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A nostalgic song. Dubbed in a commercial many years ago, when I was a kid.

And a blog worth reading, an interesting life epic – Taxi Diary

9 to 10

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As the calendar flips from September to October, that transition witnessed one of the toughest week I’ve had over my undergraduate years. Its not the amount of workload, the hours spent studying and working, but its the mental torment when everything comes to an end, most of the results are quite disappointing.


Teletubbified on the last day of clerkship. Come to think about it, 5 weeks at the hospital just ended as if it has just started. Honestly, I enjoyed most of it, despite me complaining that some of the departments are really dry and boring. To sum things up, its a hodgepodge of management, administrative, communication and clinical. Its probably the mixture that makes the whole process interesting.

I’ll be flying off to Chiang Mai on the 17th of November, a day after the final exam ends. Will be back when I ran out of funds or when I feel like to.

Over and out. 🙂