16 Hours

Posted in Diary, Travel by Alvin on December 13, 2009

20 November 2009, Friday


The 5.30pm bus wasn’t fully filled.  My backpack had a seat for itself. The 16 hours ride from Chiang Mai to Ubon Ratchathani wasn’t that bad except for some bumpy roads and the irritated toddler behind me whom screamed his lungs out at 3am. The bus made 2 stops, at Phitsanulok and I have no idea where’s the second.

I caught the sun rise at 5am on the way in the bus and the view was spectacular. The day temperature in Ubon that week was 25C or slightly less. It was a breezy cool morning.

Tae, my host gave me a warm welcome to his home where I repacked my stuff before going to the university to meet up with the rest.

It was an interesting evening meeting volunteers and local University students, learning comical songs and games for the English camp.

The temperature dipped further down as the sun sets. We were tucked into a pickup on a 2 hours drive to Phosai district.  The strong and cold wind wasn’t too friendly but The roofless pickup offered the convenience to star gaze, and indeed it was quite a sight.

More experience sharing around the charcoal stove, dinner and hot coffee.


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