Posted in Clerkship, Pharmacy by Alvin on March 12, 2010


The occupant of this ward is one of a kind. They wander around the ward, most of them dine at the common area, like the school canteen and they had to queue up in front of the medication cart for their daily dose of drugs.

And it was one of a kind for us as well. We’ve heard screams and wails, seen patient gone under anesthesia and convulsed. Not to mention the disheartening stories and drama behind every patient before they ended up chemically imbalance, locked up in this ward.

The environment in the ward was a hodgepodge of people with different mood and emotions. We managed to talk to a few after clerking our case, and apart from their set of life epic before ending up here, some were unexpectedly cheerful, optimistic and patriotic. If there’s a thing to learn from them, it would definitely be that smile, without dwelling into the facts and whatnots about them being psychiatric patients.

The ward was guarded both by guards and grill bars. Right next to the interview corner, was a narrow balcony barred by steel poles. The cement walls at the balcony was the assembly points of pigeons who flocked by probably because of the free bread crumbs which some of the patient conveniently threw out of the bars to feed them. As a result, the  cement wall was full of bird droppings.

Shitty as it is, but definitely not as wretched as the plight of every patient in the ward.


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