Cameron Highlands

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Colmar Tropicale

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Class of 2010

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Good morning to the Guest of Honor, Puan Abida binti Syed Haq, Vice President of Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society, Assoc Prof Dr Yeong Siew Wei, Dean of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences,  distinguished panel of lecturers, parents, my fellow comrades, ladies and gentlemen.

I guess most of you were hung-over, having split headache and probably haven’t slept since Wednesday, catching up unwatched blockbusters, going on feast and post-exam parties. The past exam had robed us off short-term indulgence and entertainment, but it was also the exam that marks the end of our undergraduate years here in UCSI.

I remember we were orientated as freshmen 4 years ago in this very hall, fresh (that’s why we were labeled as freshmen), innocent, dorky and probably confused why we were here in the first place.


Today, I see a school of young smart professionals, righteous, worthy, and honorable. We are thankful of how pharmacy education here, have shaped all of us to what we are today.


Credit: Meng Fai

But it wasn’t a bed of roses for the past 4 years. We had quite a tough time catching up general chemistry for pharmacy and organic chemistry 1 after long hiatus from the basics. Then there was peripheral nervous system and pharmacotherapy when organic chemistry sequel almost got us shortness of breath.27022007337 

Credit: VK Vun

Laboratory experiment sessions were interesting. But nothing beats dispensing and compounding. I think our ‘cholesterol level’ shot up pretty high that semester looking at the amount of eggs we’ve gotten. It was stressful, but nonetheless, a heck of an experience.


From the simplest apparatus to operating sophisticated analytic instrumentation, slimy frogs, furry rabbits and fat albino rats, we’ve had a wide range of lab modules, hence the broad exposures.


Not forgetting memorizing sophisticated Latin nomenclature of herbal and alternative medicine, and other hands-on exposure with our attachment with the industry and community pharmacy. Moving on to the final year, if I were to use 2 words to describe it, that would be clinical and rigorous. Clinical based modules and training and it was a year of rigorous drill via different exposures during discussion, at the nursing homes and hospital.



That was a quick and quirky summary of the trials and tribulations we’ve had for the past 4 years. As quick as my summary, the years went on at the blink of an eye and we are here to commemorate our transformation. I would like to convey our heartfelt thanks and acknowledgement to the lecturers, for being our great mentor and guide. To my fellow comrades, class of 2010 and soon-to-be working colleagues, I wish you nothing better but all the very best.


Credit: Meng Fai

As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters. Thank you for 4 great years of accompaniment and friendship.

Viva la Pharmacie and thank you.

Text as delivered @ Oath Taking Ceremony

A Twit Worth Reminiscing

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A friend twitted yet another what-if/i-wished kind of thoughts a few days ago, and that ignite a chain of nostalgic memories of mine.

7 years ago, I wrote my first CV and it was for ASEAN scholarship application. It wasn’t a great one but that particular list labeled under co-curricular activities meant something different to me. Neither the pride, nor the glory. It was a realization of how precious the effort was, the belief we’ve had and the bond we’ve built behind every glamorous moments, was then typed in block letters on a CRT monitor. That fiscal period was beautiful.

7 years later, I wrote my second formal CV and it was for my pupilage with the Ministry of Health. It wasn’t a great one either but this particular same label carries a different gist. The list wasn’t too short to begin with and I was indeed fortunate. I’ve had  probably picked up something along the way and grew but it was different, something was lacking.

Team avocation.

and I wished I had.