A Day In Bangkok

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11 June 2010


These are some really good and cheap sandwiches from the convenient store. I arrived in Bangkok after 18 hours on an overnight train from Hat Yai.


Lunch was a generous portion of fish, squids, pork gizzards, glass noodle and a cup of ice coffee, all for 45 baht.

DSC_0004 DSC_0007

I love the concept of this photo exhibition at Siam Paragon. It was a smiley portraits collection of people from different walks of life, both locals and expats, young and old. DSC_0009 


I wonder if this was a result from pebbles catapult, rubber bullets or maybe gunfire from the recent political turmoil.


The metropolitan is back in form, vibrant, like how it was.


I went books shopping too, at one of the best used-book store in Bangkok.


Coffee break at Silom Complex just before dinner. It was more of a i-am-just-too-tired-to-continue-walking-so-i-ended-up-here, thanks to the non-working intuition. I got lost twice heading towards the wrong direction.


Lumphini park is so gigantic, that I had a hard time figuring out which exit leads to Suan Lum night bazaar. But getting some fresh air under the mellow sun at 5pm is pretty relaxing.


I settled dinner at Suan Lum night bazaar just before dusk. The bazaar is an exact replica of Chatuchak weekend market except this runs daily and without the scorching sun.


Dinner! It wasn’t as good as the one I had for lunch. I guess standard goes sub-par when they operate at a place so touristy like Suan Lum.


Chedi Thaimongkhon

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9 June 2010


It was drizzling when we arrived. This particular temple located in the woods, away from the city’s hustle bustle, yet ironically, the most architecturally civilized temple I’ve seen so far. It takes merely 4 months to complete this structure, intriguingly structured with stainless steel tubing and marble tiles. Glowing charmingly at night with aid of light bulbs, it appeared  like a Christmas tree covered with snow under the naked eyes. The lens couldn’t capture the actual presentation, hence appearing green.


This is the closest I could get to the actual color, not without some touch-up on green hue and saturation.

Moments like this, I miss my tripod.

A Year Older, Wiser?

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Nutella coated pancake with banana fillings, and a can of cheap Chang beer as my birthday treat.

But the best gift for 6 June this year would be graduation, despite results being a total let down, I should be grateful.

Thank you for the 140 fb and sms birthday wishes. 🙂

Ko Samui

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Ko Samui to me was slightly overrated. Probably because we Malaysians are spoilt with breathtaking islands off the west coast and around Borneo. We arrived at the Thai-Malaysia borders not long after sunrise and the subsequent bus journey took about 5 hours to travel from Songkhla to Surat Thani.



We took the evening ferry, which leaves the port at 5pm. The scenery wasn’t picturesque initially, but as the sun sets, the sky was smudged with tones like this:


We spent the night strolling around the night plaza and alongside stretches of pubs, bar and massage centers.

Sun was scorching hot on day 2 as we headed out on an island tour.




Albeit a tad disappointment to what I’ve initially expected, the hotel we stayed was good.


We took a morning ferry back to the mainland, and headed down south to Songkhla.




Hat Yai is where I am right now. It was also the city which marks the end of my last backpacking trip (Nov-Dec 2009)  and this time round, it is the city kicking start to another venture.

So Far,

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1) I’ve done nothing but a couch potato, watching seeded players going down in Roland Garros and random TV shows.

2) I’ve read 3/4 of John Grogan’s ‘Marley and Me’.

3) I’ve been sleeping a lot, tried to exercise, shot zero pictures, meet-up friends and laze around the house.

4) It has been non-productive at all.

Anyway, I am leaving on a tour to Hat Yai and Ko Samui tomorrow, substituting my dad. And if the final verdict allows, I might wander off overland to Laos and Vietnam right after the trip, the Alvin way. 🙂

See you when I see you because I myself isn’t too sure what the plan will be. 

Spontaneity ftw! 🙂