Formosa Rendezvous

Posted in Photography, Travel by Alvin on September 4, 2010

I kicked off awesome August after dully July with a grad trip to Taiwan. 10 of us, 10 days of shopping, sun, sea, food and more food!

DSC_0010 (Large) 

Our nest in Taipei

DSC_0009 (Large)

RaoHe night market

DSC_0013 (Large)

On the way to break fast, day 02

DSC_0029 (Large)

DSC_0046 (Large)


DSC_0052 (Large)

Xi Men Ding

DSC_0055 (Large)

Rice vermicelli with pork intestine

DSC_0086 (Large) 

Kaohsiung city at night

DSC_0100 (Large)

Formosa Boulevard

DSC_0120 (Large)

Hostel at Kenting

DSC_0124 (Large)

Kenting National Park

DSC_0127 (Large)

DSC_0154 (Large)

Sun Moon Lake

DSC_0213 (Large)

Sunset at Ita Thao, Sun Moon Lake

DSC_0223 (Large)

Smelliest chou tou fu that we had

DSC_0258 (Large)

Ching Jing Farm

DSC_0305 (Large)

If only the sky was blue. Still, we had lots of fun 3000 meters above sea level

DSC_0321 (Large)

DSC_0394 (Large)

Reflection of Taipei 101

DSC_0399 (Large)

DSC_0412 (Large)

DSC_0432 (Large)

Bo Pi Liao street, Manka

DSC_0452 (Large)

Dan Jiang Senior High School

DSC_0480 (Large)

Dan Shui Sunset

DSC_0512 (Large)

Shi Lin Night Market

DSC_0513 (Large)

National Palace Museum

DSC_0521 (Large)

Fong Da Coffee and little Taiwanese treats at Xi Men Ding

And the best of the whole trip:

DSC_0307 (Large) 

Great travel mates! =)


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