Sun, Sea, Surf

Posted in Travel by Alvin on September 9, 2010

I flew to Bali a day after I got back from Taiwan. Things got even more intense than the travel itinerary when I almost missed the check-in time. I sprint towards the counter only to be told that there is a 45 minutes delay.

Bali airport wasn’t grandeur but security was tight. I headed straight to the backpackers den in Kuta right after clearing the checks and it took me 2 freaking hours to find a place with empty beds. Snoozed off just before midnight as the party street came alive with speaker box and rowdy crowd.

DSC_0001 (Large) 

DSC_0002 (Large)

DSC_0007 (Large)

Surf and beach wear store,  international coffee and ice cream chain.

DSC_0086 (Large)

The coolest surfer around.

DSC_0085 (Large)

I spent 4 out of 6 days in Bali surfing, gotten myself a second roast after the trip to Kenting, and certainly enjoyed the thrill of waves riding. Oh, and lots of clumsy fall too. 😛

Yet another solo trip logged.


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