Not First Class

Posted in Diary, Thoughts by Alvin on November 25, 2010

Mum called the other day citing an article from the papers, reporting the number of undergraduates whom were awarded the loan-turned-scholarship scheme under PTPTN. And the question of why didn’t I apply for that follows.

I felt rather guilty after that phone call.

Then there is this surge of thoughts and realization that, once not good, twice not good, then I was, am and not going to be good.

I wasn’t positive, at least for that night. In fact, a hodgepodge of guilt and disappointment lingers and it shall stay.


Posted in Diary by Alvin on November 7, 2010

DSC_0084 (Large)

Rattan arm chair, wooden tables, nostalgic photographs, guitar and the voice, next to the luster of a stand lamp. Found this cozy lounge, in a snug traveler’s guesthouse, off Jonker’s main street, where the indie singer-songwriter strummed a few mandarin 90’s ballad, Damien Rice, Katie Melua and Priscilla Ahn, just to name a few.

Best treat, post-call.