The Year That Was

Posted in Uncategorized by Alvin on December 19, 2011


where life’s accustomed to work.

where I start to dive again. Back from hiatus, breathing 18 meters under South China Sea is therapeutic. Quick holiday fix with books, coffee, beach and dives made this a quintessential pit stop to a mundane routine.

where dream almost came true. Medicine was a childhood dream and I was a step away from realizing it. Scholarship withdrawn 2 days before orientation, there and then made me realized achievement takes more than just hardship. Despite having the admission letter at my door step, I had to humbly decline because it was financially impossible to pursue a career in medicine without monetary aids. However, it was a memorable experience going through essays writing, interviews, MCAT, and meeting up faculties from Johns Hopkins and Perdana University. That fateful phone call, an abrupt dash to the days full of hopes and dreams.

DSC_0047 (Large)

2011, the year that was.