Feisty Princess

Posted in Uncategorized by Alvin on January 18, 2012

I chanced upon this blog about 3 years ago, a diary of a Singaporean mother, whom child was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

I’ve been following since, from diagnosis, to their fund raising effort, living with cancer, treatments seeking in New York and Singapore. I remembered the last I read, the kid was making good progresses.

After a long hiatus, I revisited the blog site again tonight.

The kid lost her 3 years battle in October 2011.

And I skimmed through the post chronologically, from days of worsening prognosis, to saying good bye and the struggle of a mother dealing with sickness and death.

This little feisty princess certainly taught the world, to be feisty, tough and grateful.

And to Char, the feisty princess, thank you for the lesson and may you find peace.