Retrospective Entry

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I loathed March, April was ironic, May was/is mundane.

and I say, I need doses of enthusiasm and insanity.

I had a good ole’ treat last month. Packed a sack of book, sleeping bag, camera, a few T’s and shorts an hour before departure, I hopped on a night bus, up North and heck, best weekend spent! Logged 5 awesome dives, ample of sleep, ate a lot and chilled to the max.


Nothing beats the tranquility, 18 meters under the South China Sea.

I can’t wait for more, no plans because spontaneity rules.

Almost a year ago since I last backpacked and am still amazed by the experience, perspective and fun I’ve had. Time and opportunity are luxuries I cannot afford. Hence, making these acquaintances illustrious and memorable.

Time marches like a laser beam trajectory and all I could do is a retrospective entry.



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2 papers down, 4 more to go

and song of the day, literally.

It has been a long, tough week.

2 weeks away from completion of undergraduate studies and we are half way through 2010.

Time flies eh?


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Thought of The Day

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I am almost an Asian palm civet except that they shit kopi luwak whilst I pee Nescafe.


Premium roast!



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Writer’s block. I am not even a writer to begin with but that equates the hiatus, alongside with the hectic schedule.

Viva ended today, which marks the end of clinical clerkship. The gist, I enjoyed internal medicine the most, mostly because of the mind boggling yet intriguing cases, and interesting rounds with the consultants. A few more tutorials and classes to go before the final wrap.

Apart from the norms, we’ve extracted some time off  for food, coffee and booze.




Credits: Meng Fai

and thus its time to buck up for finals, the final finals.


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Reality sucks eh?  Oh wells. =)

Of Failure and Imagination

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JK Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement

Link: Harvard Magazine (with text as delivered)

21 minutes of random jokes, personal experiences and her insight on the fringe benefits of failure and importance of imaginations.


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I am still kicking alive in the Land of Smiles. 20 days and still counting.

Charcoal tabs are still in the blister pack, unutilized, despite the crazy gourmet over the past 3 weeks!

Till then.

It’s A Wrap

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Sat for the last paper this morning and here comes the semester break!

7.20am’s flight to Chiang Mai, starter for a 3 weeks Thailand voyage.

Bye peeps!


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Get the pun?

1 more week to go.