Feisty Princess

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I chanced upon this blog about 3 years ago, a diary of a Singaporean mother, whom child was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

I’ve been following since, from diagnosis, to their fund raising effort, living with cancer, treatments seeking in New York and Singapore. I remembered the last I read, the kid was making good progresses.

After a long hiatus, I revisited the blog site again tonight.

The kid lost her 3 years battle in October 2011.

And I skimmed through the post chronologically, from days of worsening prognosis, to saying good bye and the struggle of a mother dealing with sickness and death.

This little feisty princess certainly taught the world, to be feisty, tough and grateful.

And to Char, the feisty princess, thank you for the lesson and may you find peace.


The Year That Was

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where life’s accustomed to work.

where I start to dive again. Back from hiatus, breathing 18 meters under South China Sea is therapeutic. Quick holiday fix with books, coffee, beach and dives made this a quintessential pit stop to a mundane routine.

where dream almost came true. Medicine was a childhood dream and I was a step away from realizing it. Scholarship withdrawn 2 days before orientation, there and then made me realized achievement takes more than just hardship. Despite having the admission letter at my door step, I had to humbly decline because it was financially impossible to pursue a career in medicine without monetary aids. However, it was a memorable experience going through essays writing, interviews, MCAT, and meeting up faculties from Johns Hopkins and Perdana University. That fateful phone call, an abrupt dash to the days full of hopes and dreams.

DSC_0047 (Large)

2011, the year that was.

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So much in a week. Thank you for the joke. As I watch the sun sets, I wished for better opportunities and years to come.


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Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, long I stood, I do not know which to trod. The rest are in future tense.

I had big dreams, and I am achieving none. That hurts, and I hate having such humongous aspiration. And I am certainly envy at the easily-satisfied. Satisfaction generates happiness, and they are directly proportional.

McDreamy dreams, I shall try and live. Realization or not, let it be the future tense. One day when I rock the rattan chair, I’ll be happy just because I’ve tried.

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Self expectation kills.

Brutally injures if not dead.

I loathe March.

Chedi Thaimongkhon

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9 June 2010


It was drizzling when we arrived. This particular temple located in the woods, away from the city’s hustle bustle, yet ironically, the most architecturally civilized temple I’ve seen so far. It takes merely 4 months to complete this structure, intriguingly structured with stainless steel tubing and marble tiles. Glowing charmingly at night with aid of light bulbs, it appeared  like a Christmas tree covered with snow under the naked eyes. The lens couldn’t capture the actual presentation, hence appearing green.


This is the closest I could get to the actual color, not without some touch-up on green hue and saturation.

Moments like this, I miss my tripod.

A Year Older, Wiser?

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Nutella coated pancake with banana fillings, and a can of cheap Chang beer as my birthday treat.

But the best gift for 6 June this year would be graduation, despite results being a total let down, I should be grateful.

Thank you for the 140 fb and sms birthday wishes. 🙂