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90’s, whiskies bucket, laser lights, and an united nation crowd in foreign land (June’10)

When thoughts and introspection backdates, realization of how time flies sinks in. no?

Now, be prospective.


In The Tubing

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I headed up north from Vientiane, to Vang Vieng,  the heaving backpackers hub as a stopover for Luang Prabang. This infamous small town witnessed throngs of travelers, thanks to limestone crags, riverside scenery, and definitely Nam Song river which flows through the town of Vang Vieng.

The van stopped at a riverside guesthouse which I eventually stayed with a few other English backpackers I met in Vientiane. Apart from good pad thai, the sunset was picturesque.

DSC_0011laos (13) 

DSC_0011laos (12) 

DSC_0011laos (17)

I snapped this with bulb speed of approximately 3 minutes just before pitch dark.

Bar hopping after dinner before calling it a day.

We woke up early the next day to tube down Nam Song.


Individual tags for tube.

We started off at noon, and practically started drinking since then. Shots, whisky buckets and beer. There were bars at the river bank with swings, slides, and lots of party. I did the swing even before started tubing, and landed face down with a great splat.

I found the journey after the last bar quite serene. Far away from blasting speakers and alcohol, tubing down Nam Song river offers great view of limestones and faraway hills.

So, this is similar to what we did, captured in motion. 🙂

This ain’t Laos, culturally but definitely a quick stop for limestone, sunsets and tubing!


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2 papers down, 4 more to go

and song of the day, literally.

It has been a long, tough week.

2 weeks away from completion of undergraduate studies and we are half way through 2010.

Time flies eh?

Crossing Border

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 7 December 2009


Hostel staff bid me goodbye at 4am as I made my way out to the main street to hail a taxi. The streets were dead quiet. I arrived at Mo-Chit bus terminal just in time to grab a 5.30am ticket to Aranyaprathet, the Thai-Cambodia border town in Eastern Thailand. The bus made multiple stops at random bus station and once at the military checkpoint.

I hopped on a tuk-tuk after alighting from the bus, heading 6km to the border. The driver expectedly, made a stop at a travel agency, notorious for cheats and scams. So much of trying to avoid it, I paid an extra of 4USD for a 3 hours taxi ride from Poipet to Siem Reap. The moral of the story, take the risk of waiting for other backpackers to car pool instead of paying extra to ‘secure a seat’ as what they called it.

After all, crossing over to Cambodia from Thailand via land transfer wasn’t that complicated. Poipet is the border town after stepping into Cambodia from Aranyaprathet. There is a 200m stretch of dodgy hotels and casinos right after the custom, patronized mainly by the Thais. The rest of the town is tyrannized by touts, beggars and traders pulling carts of goods to be traded in Thailand. Wikitravel has probably the best description of Poipet: ‘Poipet more or less rhymes with toilet’.

I was then ushered onto a free shuttle bus to the transportation hub 10 minutes away from the border, and later onto a taxi with 2 Belgian backpackers, well not after a round of argument and complains. The road heading to Siem Reap was nicely paved, and that was probably the best Poipet can offer. I arrived in Siem Reap at half past 2, with a morning of fun and adventure.

Anyway, I found this travelogue which captured Poipet in moving screens.

手紙 ~拝啓 十五の君へ~ 卒業

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Life Story

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A nostalgic song. Dubbed in a commercial many years ago, when I was a kid.

And a blog worth reading, an interesting life epic – Taxi Diary