Xin Chào

Posted in Photography, Travel by Alvin on August 3, 2010

DSC_0016laos2 (34)

I was stuck in this tiny space for 24 freaking hours. Boarded the inter-nation bus at 7pm and arrived 7+ pm in Hanoi the next day! My first time on a bunk bed bus and as usual, driver picked up random people along the way. So, even the aisle was filled with people. The trip was oh-kay, at least I arrived in a piece.

DSC_0016laos2 (33)

Lao-Vietnam border

DSC_0016laos2 (39)

Hanoi’s hustle bustle

DSC_0016laos2 (38)

Hoan Kiem Lake

DSC_0016laos2 (40)

St. Joseph Cathedral

DSC_0016laos2 (94)

Best treat when the sun’s merciless at mid day


Source: Nagai Keita

My ice cream mates. Met them on Halong Bay junk boat and bumped into them again in the streets of Hanoi.

DSC_0016laos2 (36)

Vietnamese coffee; strong, bitter, black and served at a portion insufficient to quench thirst, but more than enough to perk me up for the day

DSC_0016laos2 (96)

I spent only a few days in Hanoi. I thought the streets and building were quite cool. Different trades nestled in different streets hence a cluster of the same trade on a single street. The buildings in the old quarters, are literally old, giving a nostalgic touch to the town. Motorbikes are abundant and it was quite an experience crossing the road with bikes swerving around you. 

Best thing about Hanoi: Free Bia Hoi (local brew) every night at the hostel I stayed! Out at the streets, this thirst quencher goes around 5000VND or less per pint.

That’s RM 1 for a glass of 3%. 😛


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